Yoshida M., Kozgunova E.*

Microfluidic device for high-resolution cytoskeleton imaging and wash out assays in Physcomitrium (Physcomitrella) patens.

Methods in Molecular Biology (2023 – in press


Kozgunova E.*, Yoshida M., Reski R., Goshima G.*

Spindle motility skews division site determination during asymmetric cell division in Physcomitrella. Nature Communications 13, 2488 (2022).

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2019 - 2021

Yanagisawa N.*, Kozgunova E., Higashiyama T. Pulsatile reverse flow actuated microfluidic injector: toward the application for single-molecule chemotropism assay.

RSC Advances 11 (43), 27011-27018 (2021)

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Yanagisawa N.*, Kozgunova E., Grossmann G., Geitmann A., Higashiyama T.

Microfluidics-based Bioassays and Imaging of Plant Cells.

Plant and Cell Physiology 62 (8), 1239-1250 (2021)

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Kozgunova E.*, Nishina M., Goshima G.*

Kinetochore protein depletion underlies cytokinesis failure and somatic polyploidization in the moss Physcomitrella patens.

eLife 8, e43652 (2019)



Kozgunova E.*, Goshima G.

A versatile microfluidic device for highly inclined thin illumination microscopy in the moss Physcomitrella patens.

Scientific Reports 9, 15182 (2019)

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2016 - 2018

Kozgunova E.*, Higashiyama T, Kurihara D. 

Cytokinesis defect in BY-2 cells caused by ATP-competitive kinase inhibitors. 

Plant Signaling & Behavior, 11(10): e1238547 (2016) 



Kozgunova E., Suzuki T, Ito M, Higashiyama T, Kurihara D.* Haspin has Multiple Functions in the Plant Cell Division Regulatory Network.

Plant and Cell Physiology 57, 848-861 (2016)

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