Elena Kozgunova
Research Group

Graduate School of Science
Nagoya University

About us

We are a recently established research group located in Nagoya University, Japan. Our major research topic aims to elucidate how plant cells divide. Plant cell division, while sharing the main stages of eukaryotic mitosis, is distinguished from animal mitosis by lack of centrosomes, preprophase band, cytokinesis via phragmoplast. We work to discover unique plant-specific molecules and pathways involved into cell division. Our main model organism of choice is moss Physcomitrium patens (Physcomitrella), nicknamed “green yeast” due to high rates of homologous recombination and largely haploid life cycle. In addition to basic research, we also have a strong interest in developing new techniques for plant cell biology, as well as methods that can be used for genetic engineering of plants.

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